Who we are

Wonder Foods is a Level 2 BEE company founded in 2015 in Ladysmith, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. We are dedicated to providing products, opportunities, and economic growth to minorities and underprivileged areas in South Africa.

We created Wonder Foods to drive competition within our service area and commit to equal opportunities within our communities.

What we do

Wonder Foods aims to become the leading provider of healthy, energetic drinks. Our growth potential is enormous with competitive pricing, increasing reach, and a wider customer-base each day.

We, at Wonder Foods, manufacture high quality drinks that are in direct competition with major manufacturing brands. Part of our goal is to show consumers that local businesses can be just as effective, if not more, than major counterparts. Supporting Wonder Foods helps support your community and the local ecosystem.

We are currently selling our products within certain regions of South Africa. However, our service area is constantly expanding. If you’d like to see our products sold in your area, please let us know. We are thrilled about your interest in Wonder Foods and are more than willing to expand into your area.

The areas that Wonder Foods provide exceptional, quality products are as follows:
• Gauteng
• Mpumalanga
• North West
• Limpopo
• Eastern Cape